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Dancing With Parents On Your Wedding Day


#2 of my celebratory posts… dancing with your parent on your wedding day.

Traditionally Brides dance with there Dad’s on their wedding day. And Grooms with their Mom’s of course. But every family is different. I myself was raised by a single woman, and my dad isn’t in my life. So on my wedding day I danced with all 4 of my uncles and my mom. Each of my uncles had a very different reaction when I called to ask them to dance with me. Uncle Dave was “honored.” Uncle Danny told me he loved me when I got off the phone (and now says it every time I talk to him). And Uncle Albert was fighting cancer and wasn’t sure he would be able to stand for the whole dance. I told him we would chair dance if need be. And I surprised Uncle Jack on my wedding day. He jumped right in and twirled me around the dance floor. Of course for me, dancing with mom was the most special. She is my hero and I sobbed through the whole dance.

I’m dedicating this post to Mrs Meghan Augenbaugh. She had one of my favorite “dancing with her Daddy” moments on her wedding day. Her lovely face just showed so much emotion.

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Can you tell I prefer close ups. I think it’s important to really show the emotion of the moment. 0826 0787

The next photo is my uncle Dave dancing with his daughter Rachael on her wedding day.0593


And this final photo is my Uncle Danny dancing with his Daughter Megan on her big day.1216


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