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Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning a wedding is such a special time in your life. And there is nothing liking taking a few engagement photos with the love of your life to get the ball rolling.

I strongly encourage all of my wedding clients to allow me to also shoot engagement photos. It give us (myself and my clients) a chance to shoot together before their big day. We will work on posing, discuss ideas, and to work out the kinks. And there are always kinks. Let’s face it… it’s hard to be photographed. And even harder to make it look effortless and natural. Over the years I’ve found that my clients who allow me to shoot their engagement photos are much more relaxed when wedding day rolls around.

So let’s talk about your vision. And choose a location and time to meet. And please be prepared, because I’m a bit of a dork when camera is in my hand. I just love my job and my quirky side comes out when ever I’m capturing special moments.

I can’t wait to capture your memories!

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