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Meet Rhaina

Hello there. My name is Rhaina Taylor Immekus and I am a photographer, mother and blissfully happy wife.  I just  love being a photographer. Truthfully I have never wanted to do anything else. I’ve been working as a photographer forever. Well at least it feels like forever. But really it’s been 17 years since I started my professional journey in photography. I specialize in all things people. So to narrow that down a bit… I am a portrait, newborn, bar and bat mitzvah, and wedding photographer. I love love love what I do and I think it shows in my work.

The first time I was given a camera at 8 years old I was totally hooked. So naturally after high school I catapulted into the photography program at Edinboro University. Truth be told, I chose Edinboro because of their photography program. Some 4-ish years after that, I entered the “real” world armed with my degree, my trusty camera, and tons of ambition. But what do you do with a degree in photography??? You go and learn from someone who has been doing it longer than you. So that’s exactly what I did. I spent the first few years of my career learning from a few of Pittsburgh’s greats, before branching out on my own. Lets be honest here, sometimes it’s necessary to learn from someone with just a bit more experience! Now many many years later, I am a happily married woman with 2 adorable little girls. Life couldn’t be any sweeter. And thankfully I am still passionate about the career I had chosen so many years ago.

But the industry has COMPLETELY changed. There is no more dropping your film off at the developer and picking it up 3 days later. No more ruining your clothes with developing chemicals. And no more having that amazing camera that you can shoot with for most of your career. On a side note, my F 100 and Hasseblad are collecting dust in my attic, and I will never get rid of them! I am now on my 6th Nikon digital SLR camera, and yes they all still work. I’m extremely proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Possibly a bit obsessed actually! And I’m trying my best to learn the latest SEO practices. My focus has changed just a bit over the years, however. I am no longer willing shoot every project that is offered. I wish I had learned that lesson in the very beginning. It took me years to narrow my focus but one day it just seemed totally clear… PEOPLE are my passion.

 Capturing life’s special moments has always been such an honor for me. A parents joy at seeing their child grow and change and achieve right before their very eyes, a bride and grooms excitement for their new life’s journey, or a baby’s first few days on this earth. It’s these moments that I love to witness. With just one click of my shutter a single moment is captured forever. And since I became a wife and mother these special moments in life have taken on a whole new meaning.

Just a few details about my dorky self…

 I wish I could wear my wedding dress once a month.

 I took the time to not only educate myself, but also to learn from someone else before I became a “professional” photographer.

 I love details, caught moments, baby rolls and all things colorful!

 I am fully insured.

 I cry during vows, emotional speeches, and Torah readings at almost every event.

 Many of my clients become good friends after I’ve photographed their events. Photography is very personal. And I take my job very seriously.

 My Mom and Gram are hands down the best role models a girl could have. They are my hero’s!

I would rather be at home with my beautiful family than doing anything else.

I absolutely love being a wife and mother!

 I am much quirkier on the inside than I am on the outside. But since my daughters arrived that quirky side comes out a lot more than it used too. Immekus dance party anyone!

No photographer is good at shooting everything.

I only shoot what I love and am good at.

 I think every adult needs to have there own library. I’ve been building mine for years.

 I grow tomatoes, crochet, and am completely addicted to This is Us!

 I am my own biggest critic. But I like to think that’s what keeps me always moving forward.

 My husband is the most handsome man that I know.

 I have always, always, always wanted to be a photographer.

 I am honored every time a client asks me to be apart of their most precious moments. And I can’t wait to capture yours!

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